GRAMMY Museum Experience

By Newark Tees

GRAMMY Museum Experience in Newark, NJ

What is it?

The Grammy Museum Experience, located at the Prudential Center, is the first and only Grammy Museum outside of Los Angeles. The museum offers access to decades of music history, interactive exhibition galleries, and educational programming. Visitors can immerse themselves in the magic of music by learning about the creative journey across multiple genres from many perspectives.

Why should you go?

Creating music involves a complex and intricate process that requires the use of one's creativity, imagination, and intuition. The Grammy Museum Experience allows you to explore this creative process behind making music, and gain insight into how music reflects society’s culture. They have found the right balance of temporary and permanent exhibitions, so you can get even more detailed information about your favorite artists and songs.

You will just learn about past winners and honorees, discover new sounds, and better appreciate what makes the Grammy Awards such an outstanding celebration of musical talent. There is also an intentional focus on the musical legends of New Jersey, making the Grammy Museum Experience in Newark a must-visit destination for every music lover.


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165 Mulberry St, Newark