Paul Robeson Galleries

By Newark Tees

Paul Robeson Galleries in Newark, NJ

What is it?

The Paul Robeson Galleries at Express Newark is an incredible celebration of art and culture, commemorating the life and work of artist, actor, athlete, and activist Paul Robeson.

The Paul Robeson Galleries showcase the very best in visual culture, promoting freedom of artistic expression and fostering cultural democracy. The Gallery forms ties with regional arts, cultural and educational institutions in order to enrich interactions within its community.

Through memorizing the legacy of Paul Robeson, it seeks to place art at the forefront of social commentary while strengthening its relationships across disciplines, aiming to provide gallery educational experience to local communities as a result. Consequently, the Gallery has come to emphasize how art and culture can deeply shape a society's identity.

Why should you go?

Paul Robeson Galleries' exhibitions and programs feature contemporary artwork that displays innovative perspectives and socially relevant content to spark conversations. You can take part in interactive cultural experiences that further educate about artistic expression and celebrate the unique offerings of Newark.


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54 Halsey Street, Newark

Photo Credit: Paul Robeson Galleries