Gallery Aferro

By Newark Tees

Gallery Aferro Art Gallery in Newark, NJ

What is it?

Gallery Aferro is an artist-run gallery that offers exhibitions, events, and a studio residency program that helps to foster the growth of artists and their practice. Located on Market Street in Newark, the Gallery began as a modest arts institution consisting of exhibition spaces, 12 artist studios, and a gift shop.

Since then, Gallery Aferro has undergone a remarkable expansion that combines two buildings with 60 studios. Other additions include a print shop and photography co-op featuring a traditional darkroom, an audio studio, a library of tools for students and visitors alike, and a cafe.

Through its long-standing commitment to nurturing artistic talent in the community, Gallery Aferro has become a thriving platform for inspiring dialogue between international creatives and local audiences.

Why should you go?

Gallery Aferro has the two large exhibition spaces that display various media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and installation art. You will see a wide variety of artwork from both emerging and established artists, as well as special events and programs that offer further insight into contemporary art.


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73 Market St, Newark