Art Galleries in Newark

The Best Newark Art Galleries You Should Visit

By Newark Tees

Art Gallery in Newark, New Jersey

At the best galleries in Newark you will find works by established and emerging artists

Newark is an ever-evolving art hub, and The Newark Museum of Art is a remarkable testament to this. While a trip to the museum is always worth it, remember to explore beyond conventional destinations and check out the art galleries Brick City has to offer.

The art galleries in Newark showcase some of the most celebrated artists in the world. These galleries are at the cutting edge of creative trends, featuring artwork from names such as Armisey Smith, Kay Reese, Mashell Black, and Saya Woolfalk.

From traditional paintings to contemporary sculptures and immersive installations, no matter your interest, there is something for you. We will look at some of Newark's best art galleries and share insight into what each venue is about and why you should visit them.

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Gallery Aferro

By Newark Tees

Gallery Aferro Art Gallery in Newark, NJ

73 Market St, Newark

Gallery Aferro is an artist-run gallery that offers exhibitions, events, and a studio residency program that helps to foster the growth of artists and their practice. Located on Market Street in Newark, the Gallery began as a modest arts institution consisting of exhibition spaces, 12 artist studios, and a gift shop.

Since then, Gallery Aferro has undergone a remarkable expansion that combines two buildings with 60 studios and has become a thriving platform for inspiring dialogue between international creatives and local audiences.

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HCAD Gallery at NJIT

By Newark Tees

CoAD Gallery in Newark, NJ

367 MLK Blvd, Newark

Nestled in the heart of downtown Newark, NJ, is the Hillier College of Architecture and Design at NJIT. CoAD was renamed to HCAD in 2019 in honor of renowned architects J. Robert and Barbara A. Hillier, recognizing a gift that stands as the largest donation in NJIT's history. 

The HDAC Gallery focuses on architecture and design from both established and emerging artists from around the area. Each year, the gallery hosts two main exhibitions – a Fall Exhibition and a Spring Exhibition.

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Paul Robeson Galleries

By Newark Tees

Paul Robeson Galleries in Newark, NJ

54 Halsey Street, Newark

As part of its mission to create meaningful connections between Rutgers University-Newark and the surrounding community, Paul Robeson Galleries offers a variety of exhibitions and educational programs for the public at venues spaced out across campus.

There are two primary locations - Express Newark and the main Gallery on Rutgers' campus - each with unique operating hours that make it easy to plan a visit. Regardless of which space you're attending, the Paul Robeson Galleries provides an enriching experience for all those who visit its varied spaces.

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Akwaaba Gallery

By Newark Tees

Akwaaba Art Gallery in Newark, NJ

509 South Orange Avenue, Newark

Akwaaba Gallery, located in the historic Fairmount neighborhood of Newark, is the first art gallery to open its doors in the West Ward of Newark on Feb. 15, 2019. Its owners, Lauran and Ray Palmer, both Caribbean immigrants determined to be involved in building their community, purchased and renovated a building that houses the gallery along with four lofts and a mailbox store.

Akwaaba's mission is to engage local, national, and international art lovers through solid exhibitions showcasing emerging artists and their diverse works of contemporary art.

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